Early Intervention - High School

  • Develop skills and tactics with you to become an effective advocate for your child

  • Help classify your child as eligible for special education and related services

  • Assist in developing an IEP or 504 plan and/or accommodations

  • Prepare you for Child Study Team and IEP/504 Plan meetings, conferences, and sessions

  • Attend and advocate during referral and evaluation conferences, eligibility sessions, and IEP/504 planning meetings

  • Appear with and support you during referral and evaluation conferences, eligibility sessions, and IEP/504 planning

  • Help to resolve problems with schools to ensure that your child is receiving appropriate services and accommodations (FAPE) as designed in your child’s plan

  • Monitor progress and request program modifications to your child’s plan

Post-Secondary School

  • Create a transition plan and assist with continuing educational support for your child after high school

  • Steer post-secondary school students on how to receive accommodations and modifications in colleges, universities, professional and graduate schools, and for entrance and licensing exams

  • Prepare and/or submit requests on behalf of college and graduate-level students for accommodations and appeals in taking entrance and licensing exams

Collaborative Relationships

  • Facilitate collaboration and cooperation with your school district for your child to receive services and accommodations tailored to your child's unique needs

  • Advocate on your and your child’s behalf or give you the tools to negotiate with your school and propose win-win solutions

  • Train you to use collaborative language when speaking with or writing emails and letters to your school to communicate more effectively with teachers and schools

  • Help with problem solving issues and disagreements early in the process

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